The Mooring Lodge in Yakutat Alaska
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Yakutat Tern Festival

Annual Yakutat Tern Festival - a party for birdwatchers and more!First week in June.

Every Alaska community has a claim to fame regarding its natural resources. Yakutat is no exception. One of the largest and southernmost known breeding colonies of Aleutian Terns exists here. The earliest record of breeding Aleutian Terns in Yakutat – on the Situk River Flats – is 1922; the colonies in the Yakutat area appear to be a stronghold for a suspected declining worldwide population. The Aleutian Tern has a limited range throughout Alaska and eastern Siberia and Russia, and very little is known about this species, including its migration patterns. The Yakutat area is currently at the forefront of Aleutian Tern research, including studies on population trends, nesting ecology, and migration patterns.

The mission of the festival is to highlight the extraordinary natural and cultural resources of Yakutat and to stimulate the local economy by hosting a festival celebrating Aleutian Terns. Participants of the festival will enjoy

  • birding activities,
  • natural history field trips,
  • art exhibits,
  • educational events for kids and adults,
  • Native cultural presentations,
  • 10K race,
  • and more.

For dates, details and airline discounts, see the Yakutat Tern Festival website.

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