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Surfing in Cannon Beach, Yakutat

Alaska’s Yakutat Bay extends to the Gulf of Alaska, where grey sands meet crashing surf. Consistent swells that can balloon out to more up to 20 feet have made the small village of Yakutat one of Alaska’s self-proclaimed surf meccas. The area is sometimes referred to as “The Far North Shore” and the town’s sole surf shop is aptly named Icy Waves.

The Yakutat area is for surfers who can handle the cold. In order for surfers to endure the cold water temperature, they wear wetsuits, gloves and booties. Though the water is cold, the enormous swells of Yakutat Bay are hard to resist.

The stark-white 17,000-foot Saint Elias Mountains, which hold the world’s most extensive ice fields outside the polar ice caps, are in full view on a sunny day, providing stunning views and a surf experience not soon forgotten.

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